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Do you have a legal dispute but want to avoid going to court? If you could settle your case respectfully, would you want to? Would you prefer to focus on resolution rather than arguing? You have come to the right place.

KeepOutOfCourt.com is devoted to mediation and Collaborative Law. Mediation and Collaborative Law are refreshing new approaches to law that allow you to resolve your case legally while avoiding the “typical” legal experience.

Spend some time on this website learning about Mediation and Collaborative Law. Next, share this information with someone else by using the email links to the right under “Share this Information.” When you are ready to proceed with your case, check out our directory of settlement professionals in your area who can help resolve your case. The directory includes mediators, Collaborative Law attorneys, Collaborative coaches, Collaborative financial specialists and Collaborative child specialists.

Most people don’t want to go to court but don’t realize they have other options. KeepOutOfCourt.com is working to change that.

10 Reasons to Keep Out of Court:

1) Focus is on resolution, not battle

2) Create win-win agreements

3) Avoid unpredictable outcomes

4) Improve communication

5) Costs far less than litigation

6) Go at your own pace

7) Preserve relationships

8) Maintain your privacy

9) Tell your story and be heard

10) Less stress – No judges or juries


Step 1: Learn  Your Options

Most people think that they have to go to court if they have a legal dispute. That’s not true! In fact, most cases that get filed do not actually “go to court,” although they still involve some involvement in the court system.

Step 2: Choose Your Professional

It is important to jointly select the right process. Once decided upon, you can use the directory on this website to find a settlement professional in your area. Some professionals will offer joint “process” consultations.

Step 3: Work Toward Resolution

Once you have selected your process and professionals, it is time to begin working toward resolving your case. Learn about the general framework of working toward resolution, regardless of one’s personal style or approach.

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