About KeepOutOfCourt.com

KeepOutOfCourt.com is owned and operated by Forrest Collins, Collaborative Law attorney and divorce mediator in Portland, Oregon. Prior to becoming a lawyer in 2006 Forrest was a computer science major (hence this website). 

Forrest created this site for a couple of reasons. First, he wanted to increase public awareness about resolving legal cases outside of court. He understood that most people do not want to have a long, contentious court battle, but he realized that most people are unaware that other options exist. Second, Forrest realized that even though one person may be interested in mediation or Collaborative Law, it can be challenging for someone to provide this information to the other person. This website is designed to be a neutral source of information for all participants to learn more about mediation and Collaborative Law.

Just because you have a legal dispute does not mean you have to go to court. Please explore this website to learn more about mediation and Collaborative Law, or to find a mediator or Collaborative Law professional in your area


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