Co-parenting 101 – Practical Advice Book

As a collaborative family attorney I keep my eyes open for helpful books to share with my clients and help them successfully manage how their divorce effects their children’s lives. Recently I found “Co-parenting 101” Helping Your Kinds Thrive in Two Households after Divorce by Deesha Philyaw and Michael D. Thomas. The authors are a divorced couple and the book is written based on their own experience raising their children together.

The book begins by discussing how important it is to keep communication open. It then discusses avoiding a divorce process that creates enemies not allies which is harmful to children. The following chapters provide very practical steps to creating a co-parenting plan and goes on to make suggestions about how to deal with difficult issues or what comments to avoid. The final chapter discusses steps you can take for your child in hard circumstances and in spite of an uncooperative co-parent.

I found this book through Amazon; but it is also available on e-books. A quick and helpful read.


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