Learn Your Options

Most people think that they have to go to court if they have a legal dispute. That’s not true! In fact, most cases that get filed do not actually “go to court,” although they still involve some involvement in the court system.

There are several options available to resolve legal disputes and still stay out of court. The first step to resolving your dispute is to learn about your available options. This website is devoted to mediation and Collaborative Law, although there are other options as well.

Once you have learned about Mediation and Collaborative Law, the other participant(s) needs to learn about these options as well. There is no “right” way to provide someone with this information, but there may be more or less effective ways of doing this. This website tries to make it easier by being available as a neutral resource for both of you to review. You can use the form emails found on the home page to share information about this website, or just email them the link to this website and ask them to take a look at the website. For some people a phone call explaining mediation and Collaborative Law might work best. For others, a conversation at Starbucks might be more effective. Some people might need to meet with a settlement professional to discuss these options.

Once the other participant has learned about mediation and Collaborative Law, the next step is for both of you to choose your process and choose your professional(s).


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